We're hiring!

We are seeking aspiring authors looking to take on an exciting and creative leadership role this summer!

Position: Lead Author - GCW Publishing House

We're growing fast and we are seeking aspiring authors to take on exciting leadership roles in The She Series, a collaborative book series sharing real life stories of women worldwide in life & business.

Join The GCW Publishing House Team!
We are a Canadian woman owned and operated publishing house & media group! We are on a mission to remove the stigma and taboo of sharing our personal experiences, so more women feel safe & confident in their own!

Role Responsibilities:
  Drive & aid in sales & recruitment for 10-20 author positions
 Leadership & support for authors within their book
 Review of authors writing progress and draft submissions
 Timely communication with The Publishing House
 Attendance on monthly Publishing House support calls (3)
 Responsible for ensuring authors meet key deadlines within their writing process
 Selection of book topic/theme
 Writing of Introduction & Conclusion within in the book

 Confidence in sales. Experience preferred
 Time Management skills
 Emotional Intellignece
 Energetic & joyful approach to work!
 Experience with Google Docs, Zoom & appointment scheduling software such as Calendly or Acuity
 Creative confidence
 High level of self efficacy and self trust
 Coachable
 Bold
 Highly self-motivated
 Skilled communication
 Organized with sound time management skills
 Comfortable speaking, texting, emailing with all authors

The Lead Author reports directly to Shannon Miller, Director of Publishing
Compensation: Commission-based up to $2,500 with a bonus of an additional $2,500 upon the successful recruitment of all authors within 30 days. The Lead Author also receives an additional 4000 words of space to contribute their own chapter in the publication. An additional value of $2,997.
Please note: The successful candidate must have the ability to work remotely with the use of their own laptop, internet and email address.
Working hours: 2-5 hours per week at own management & discretion.

Contract Duration: 4 months 

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