health healthcare Mar 18, 2021

Have you ever felt lost in the world of healthcare like you are going in circles.? A voice unheard? Drowning, suffocating, going round and round, not knowing where to start. That was me, that was my mother. I learned at a young age how to navigate the emergency. I wasn’t really paying attention when I was sick and young. I went to Mayo clinic when I was 16.  My mother tried hard to diagnose me before she died. When she turned 45, she was diagnosed with cancer. It was my turn to flip it around and navigate the emergency room for her, the lab department, the hospice care, so many different departments. To learn the lingo, medical terminology. You don’t actually appreciate how much you learn until after—even planning a funeral at age 20. I look back now as a parent; it was education for me.

My kids were diagnosed with blood disorders, and at the same time, so was I. Let me tell you I had to learn how to navigate the world of healthcare like I can’t tell...

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