Are you the person you hoped you would be? If not, don’t fret. Remember, life is a journey of self-empowerment and constantly learning and evolving to become that person you want to be. Constantly remind yourself of who you want to be. This will ensure your actions, decisions and thoughts are aligned to get you there. It can be messy, hard work, especially when you are in the darkest season of your life. You will need to be okay with yourself. Forgive yourself for decisions and choices you made consciously or unconsciously that derailed you from your vision of yourself, your truth.

When you’re not living your truth, there is always a moment when you look around and think to yourself. Who am I? Where am I? How the hell did I get here? This is not what I hoped for. I never envisioned my life like this. This is a pivotal moment! You need to grab this moment and grab onto that vision of who you thought you would be and who you want to be. Remind yourself you can still be that person. It’s not too late to become that person or an even stronger version of it. Another key thing to remind yourself is that your vision of your life and self can, should and will change, grow and evolve with you as you move through life and your lessons.

Hard things happen, life happens, and we are thrown curve balls we don’t see coming. These experiences knock us off our feet. That’s when we start making decisions, choices and actions that take us further away from our truth or vision of ourselves. Each thought, action and choice made compounds until you’re in a place you never envisioned for yourself. That moment you look around with those thoughts of who am I, where am I, how did I get here, you are remembering yourself, your truth. That spark in the dark needs to be captured. You need to fuel the spark. Make the spark a flame that will illuminate your path back to yourselves. Start making those tiny thoughts, choices and actions that will “get you back on track” with your soul mission, the version of yourself you want to be.

You can be anything you want to be; it is never too late to take the first step. The first step is the hardest but gives you the most momentum to move forward. Be sure to move forward with grace, compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others. You can not move forward with the darkness that has been holding you back. The darkness is those feelings of anger, fear, resentment, shame or guilt.

For me, my light turned dark after some traumatic experiences that knocked me out of alignment. I started numbing myself and my reality. I was making choice after choice that took me further away from myself and everyone I knew. Until I looked around one day and knew this was not where I wanted to be in life or who I wanted to be. I had to take ownership of my life. Make the hard choices to move on and move forward. I took action, seeking therapy and other strategies. It was and is painful and hard. To look at my life and reflect on the terrible things that happened and the choices I made in the fallout. It was hard to make a plan to get back to myself. It had gotten to a point where I was constantly in unhealthy relationships. Numbing reality. Overworking to avoid reality and responsibility. I had to give myself strength, belief and confidence. I had to set myself up however I could for success. Use people, places, things and thoughts as stepping stones to where I wanted to be. Surrounding myself with the kind of people I wanted to be. Whatever I needed to do for myself to keep moving forward, I did.

When my health was really declining, I could not ignore it anymore. For me, that was one of my pivotal moments. That is when I really started empowering myself with the stories I told myself. I used my celiac diagnosis to propel me into a healthier life. When most people would be devastated by a lifelong diagnosis and have a poor me or victim mentality, I chose positivity. To be diagnosed with a life-long autoimmune condition with no known cure meant I had to clean up my diet. That choice leads to the next healthy choice, quitting smoking, and that choice leads to the next healthy choice, to explore fitness and wellness. Which leads me to work with others to incorporate healthy lifestyle choices into their lives and help others become the versions of themselves they envisioned.

You can read more about how I am taking back my life in my chapter of The Great Canadian Woman – She Is Strong and Free II book series, where I opened up about my traumatic experiences and how they impacted my life for many years until I actively started to work on taking back my life and my journey of self-empowerment.


Jessica Danford

Jessica Danford is an online personality and wellness coach known as GfreeWifey. She is a passionate advocate for the celiac and gluten-free community, serving on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Celiac Association. Dedicated to minimizing food insecurity on a gluten-free diet she created #GFreeWifeyFoodBank in 2018. Partnering with local businesses and community leaders she advocates for and provides access to safe food. An effective community builder bringing people together to produce community cookbooks; that empower people to share and live their best gluten-free life. Jessica’s life experiences shaped her into a resilient and inspirational role model. Follow along as she shares her gfree life as a diagnosed celiac living and thriving with rheumatic psoriasis on her website.


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