I like to think that I’m just like everyone else, nothing more, nothing less, but I believe we all do ourselves a disservice when we don’t recognize how truly special we are. I have come to learn we are all masters at one thing or another. We need to share our experiences with others so they, too, can traverse the plains we have walked before them. If you are alive, you have a story to tell that can and will support others; it’s our duty to do that.

I want to take you back in time to roughly 8 months ago. It was a day like any other. I woke up, showered, got dressed and readied my daughter for school. Off she went, neither of us with a care on the horizon. Later that day, the government announced that March break would be extended to two weeks and life as we had always known it would change. In the weeks that followed, as people started literally fighting over toilet paper in the store aisle and many were fighting with one another about whether you must wear a mask or the right not to, none of these events phased me. I believe in the goodness of the human spirit and the humanity in us all. 

I also believe in every individual’s right to choose for themselves their beliefs and values. I rather enjoyed being home with my daughter, not having to “people” other than for necessities. I had a firm belief that things would improve and we -the divine aspect in each of us- would triumph to a life filled with hope and conviction for a better way of living. On a soul level, I knew that all of us being here, at this time, during this pandemic was chosen by our souls. It’s part of our soul’s contract before coming into these bodies. This experience is necessary for our soul’s growth. I wasn’t afraid, per se, because compared to some of the life experiences I have had, this was but a blip in the fear-o-meter. Having been dead in emerg in 2009 as a result of my substance abuse, living with debilitating pain from a career-ending work related injury and surviving a loved one’s suicide, some of the things I have lived through in life, this is just another life experience. It’s not something to be afraid of but more so an opportunity for growth.

I dove deep into my work with the healing energies the Universe has given me. I hate to admit this, but I have come to learn that owning a business isn’t for everyone. I gave myself permission to let go of all the things I thought I was supposed to be doing and showed up for the people who needed me.

As the month’s passed by, the isolation started to take its toll. I felt the loneliness, so I tried to combat that by getting active in groups I was a part of and joining another mastermind. I came to understand that all of us have everything we need to live amidst the pandemic and that will look different for each of us. None of us have lived through anything like this before. Choose what works for you and that might look different with each new day.

A few things that have always supported me whenever I’m faced with challenges are:

  1. Support – Having support people who will listen to me vent and whine then remind me to lean into my inner resource of power as my source of comfort and strength.
  2. Something to Believe In – Find something that you can call on in times of pain and heartache or when afraid, whatever that looks like for you, seek it out to find something that resonates and lean into that power often.
  3. Lean on Hope – when things look bleak as they sometimes do, believe at your core that it could definitely be worse and it WILL get better; focus on that one thing you can do for yourself today to bring you closer to the other side of this tragedy.
  4. Claim your healing abilities – You have survived 100% of your hardest days yet. You are a healer. Take care of yourself in whatever ways you can and your soul needs knowing that this, too, will pass.
  5. Choose what path you will take – both emotionally and physically. You decide what type of day you get to have based on how you respond to what’s happening around you. If you need rest, then rest. If you need to cry, then cry. Just don’t allow yourself to stay there for too long.

These have been my staples through the most difficult times of my life-from heartache, to chronic health conditions, to overcoming addiction, this list goes on as I am the resiliency queen. 

If there is anything you can take as a positive from this pandemic, it is that YOU, my dear, are resilient and have immense strength to withstand adversity with courage and strength. We are all doing our best during these unforeseen times and you are a champion at overcoming. Never forget this! Unleash the warrior within you every minute you get to experience in this life. You are strong! You ARE capable! Even when things feel their toughest, you hold on to hope that this is not the end but the beginning of a new opportunity. 

Heal yourself, heal the world. 

I’m with you as we figure this out. Remember, everyone is doing the best they can with the skills they’ve got. Give yourself some compassion and permission to make mistakes because they are bound to happen. When we soften how we treat ourselves, the world becomes an easier place to live. When we love and fill our own cup first and give from the overflow to others, we can face life with grace and ease no matter what comes next. You’ve got this! 

Megan Harmony

Megan Harmony is a badass woman of God and has created the Soul Full Podcast and Awaken Your Inner Light Facebook Group. She’s on a mission to ignite the flame in every soul she gets to shake it up with. Her thirty-seven years of experience overcoming adversity and healing the wounds left from these circumstances makes her the perfect ear to lay your troubles on. Her no BS approach mixed with her healing presence creates a safe container to shift and move forward. From a very young age Megan had healing hands, even the kids on the playground would want her to hold their skinned knees. She is a soul led warrior who will fight for your soul’s right to be seen because she fully believes in the mantra “No Soul left behind.” Megan is an Arcturian Reiki and Light Healing Master. Megan combines her in depth knowledge of the intricacies of deep dive soul work to allow you to rise from the ashes of whatever is plaguing you. Megan is a best selling author in “The Great Canadian Woman: She is Strong and Free,” “It’s Ok to Not Be OK,” and “Her Unravelling” sharing parts of her story on how she rose and healed. She has spoken on numerous different stages sharing her experience from being spiritually bankrupt, having a spiritual reckoning and being dead in the emergency room to being lifted so high off the ground she often feels she is levitating. Her coin phrase “Let’s go heal the town with love” is the landmark of what she represents and the healing she provides.


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