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Complete the assessment below to apply to be a guest contributor on the SHE SPEAKS Podcast! Please note that your application is step 1/2 in the approval process. You will be sent an auto-generated email upon completion of this assessment with step 2. Upon submission of your recording, you will be notified within 7 days whether or not your episode will be aired. Please consider the following before applying:


1) If you are a PR agent, please do not submit an application for your client if the do not meet the criteria in the assessment

2) If you are a PR agent and your client meets the criteria, please note we require your client to share their episode on their platforms in exchange for providing this service to them

3) If you are an aspiring contributor, please note that we are not looking for "how tos" but rather stories and perspective in order to illustrate the point you're making.

Example 1:

Not approved - 5 steps to have an abundant money mindset

Approved - Here is my personal story of how I overcame financial turbulence in my life

Example 2:

Not approved: How to eat clean and feel better

Approved: Here is my story of how I changed my lifestyle in order to....


We care deeply about the quality of content we provide to our listener base, which is why our first two podcasts have seen the top 200 in their respective categories across multiple countries! We thank you for your interest in this platform and we genuinely look forward to listening to your podcast submissions!

In gratitude,

GCW Publishing Team

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Writing, editing & publishing


Story telling - a personal experience that will inspire another to keep going or to enact positive change in their life


Empowerment - An experience that strengthened your resilience


Confidence - How you manage to believe in yourself to such great depths that you become unstoppable in pursuit of your personal and professional goals

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What are 3 important takeaways the listeners can expect after listening?

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Please include your bio - this will be used in our social media features and podcast show notes. (Must be written in third person). (Max 100 words)

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