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Meet Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller is our Director of Publishing & high impact Speaker and the story of how she came to be in this space is nothing short of awesome. In 2018, Shannon was a guest on the original Great Canadian Woman Podcast, interviewed by our Founder, Sarah Swain. Sarah and Shannon didn't know it at the time, but a life long connection was made during that episode.  In 2019, Shannon then became a published author in our first first publication, The Great Canadian Woman - She is Strong and Free Volume I and  a Speaker at The Great Canadian Woman Summit.  When 2020 and all of its upheaval hit, Shannon left her career of 20+ years to go all in with Sarah on building this business. Shannon is a shining testimony of the importance of true & deep connection, saying yes to opportunities and leading by example as a strong, free & powerful woman. Shannons heart is as big as that smile you see on her face, and she's here to work alongside you to help you make a positive impact on the world by sharing your story. Shannon is a Mama of 3 beautiful children, Kaiti, Josh & Nikki, a wife to her husband Loris and Fur Mama to dogs Gracie & Nellie and cats Maliboo & Mister.

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Rebekah Jane Mersereau

Writing in She is Strong And Free II was an experience beyond my expectations. I not only became an author but I also became a stronger, freer woman; writing a piece of my story was healing, scary and deeply powerful. Writing my story was for me, sharing it was for everyone else. I didn’t know I had a story to share until I started, and now, I never want to stop.

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